Dimanche, Mai 19 – Le Dernier Jour, Jour 14 (The Last Day, Day 14)

  Trek: Culture (CU) Culture Program Assessment Name: Amanda Currier Major: Communications, Concentration: New Media akcurrier1975@gmail.com; acurrier@my.centenary.edu May Module 2013 – Paris: Americans In Paris, The Quest For The Good Life Question #1 Illustrate ways your host culture and your home culture are both distinct and similar. The French are warm, inviting, and the city … Continue reading

Samedi, Mai 18 – Journalisation et Réflexions, Jour 13 (Journaling and Reflections, Day 13)

Today was spent as a day of reflection and doing laundry. It was a time of reorienting myself with what all was going on back in the Currier household, and preparing for the long flights ahead. It was a day of goodbyes to some wonderful friends I had met. Today was a sad day. I … Continue reading

Vendredi, Mai 17 – Une Journée de l’Art Moderne et la Tour Eiffel, Jour 12 (A Day of Modern Art and The Eiffel Tower, Day 12)

The day began as usual with breakfast in the salon. Our day was to include a trip to the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and the Palais de Tokyo then on to the Sommet  (top) La Tour Eiffel. I was excited to see a different kind of art than the classical pieces I … Continue reading

Juedi, Mai 16 – Une Promenade de Loisirs Sous la Pluie Pour le Musée d’Orsay, Jour 11 (A Leisure Walk In the Rain to the Musée D’Orsay, Day 11)

We opted out of group activities for a more solo approach to the D’Orsay Museum because I was tired and hurting. Somehow all the walking had caused a stress fracture in my foot. So, Amanda and I decided we were only going to tackle our journals and the one museum for the day. We had … Continue reading

Mercredi, Mai 15, Maison Europeenne de la Photographie Ville de Paris, Une journée avec l’instructeur, Jour 10. (The European Museum of Photography, A Day with the Instructor, Day 10)

Today was an off day for everyone, and I had been after Dr. Hendricks for a few days to go to the Museum of Photography. I enjoy the art of photography as much as I enjoy the other visual arts. I was most pleased that we would start a little later in the morning and … Continue reading

Mardi, Mai 14, 2013 – Voyagé en Train à Versailles, Jour 9 (Travelled by train to Versailles, Day 9)

We began our morning as usual. Talking with various people during our morning breakfast, some from the group and some not. We were to convene at the entrance to the hotel at 10 that morning. First stop was the Crypt Archeologique du  Parvis Notre-Dame. Developed in 1980 under the square of Notre Dame cathedral to … Continue reading

Lundi, Mai 13, Journée des Musées, Jour 8 (Museum Day, Day 8)

The Musée de l’Orangerie is an art gallery of impressionist and post-impressionist paintings located in the west corner of the Tuileries Gardens next to the Place de la Concorde in Paris. Claude Monet gave his famous gift of the Water Lilies to the State on April 12, 1922. The deed of gift was accepted and signed by … Continue reading

Dimanche, Mai 12, Mass assisté à Notre-Dame, puis un concert au Musée de Cluny

Woke up around 9,  and assembled ourselves to attend Mass this morning at Notre-Dame. The service was beautiful, as it was delivered in Latin and French. (International Service) Then we had lunch at one of the Gyro places off St. Michel coming back from the Notre Dame. I had never had a gyro, and probably … Continue reading

Samedi, Mai 11, Deuxième Journée en Taxi, Couvrant les Points Chauds (Second day by Taxi, Covering the Hot Spots, Day 6)

Today we started off with our traditional breakfast: tea or coffee, orange juice, baguettes with jam and cream cheese or nutella, and fruit cocktail. Then the big group ventured to the Pompidou and the Rodin Museums, while we three Amanda(s) finished up day 2 by Taxi. Our first stop was Napoleon’s Tomb. It is located in … Continue reading

Vendredi, Mai 10 — Taxis Autour de la Ville (Taxi Around the City, Day 5)

One of my classmates for the module found herself injured  just before the trip and could not complete a lot of the walking that we had to do because of her injuries. So, we (our professor & the three Amanda’s) embarked on a taxi tour of the city to orient her with the places that … Continue reading